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 acer platanoides-leaf variation 2 


Welcome to my recently established website. It will be upgraded regularly to show how my work develops and the directions it takes. The dominant theme of my work is landscape which has a number of meanings for me.

I initially trained and worked as a Civil Engineer where the communication of ideas through drawings was an essential ingredient of the profession. The work also demanded an engagement with the materials, topography and usages of the landscape. These concerns found their way into my art practice, which was developed through both the BA and the work carried out in my practice-based MA and PhD research where a landscape aesthetic other than that of the simply pictorial was explored.

My work has been influenced by the industrial, social and agricultural activities that occur in a particular geographically and geologically defined landscape in South East England and how these impact on the landscape.

Recent work has concentrated on the experience of walking in various landscapes and is influenced by readings of the landscape writer Robert Macfarlane and the social anthropologist Tim Ingold amongst others. The experience of moving through a space or a landscape is explored in a 'Blurb' book I have produced and this can be accessed here 

Presently I am producing a series of etched steel plates and screen prints to represent the experience of an urban walk, from Euston to Holborn, through a number of London Squares.